Monday, June 10, 2013

Batik Hamam, (Day 6)

Off to "Cleopatra's bathe"....I have been waiting for this!!!
The legend says that Mark Anthony gave the baths to Cleopatra as a wedding gift. He placed them in this section of the bay not only because of the turquoise water but also because they found a hot spring which was supposed to be good for the skin
"Cleopatra's Bathe" was absolutely breathtaking, definitely one of the highlights of the trip!! After exploring the ruins we set sail towards our next destination.
And explored more ruins...
And did some swimming...
Show off, haha!
and chillin...
After a full day of adventures, we got cleaned up for dinner and our next theme party.....James Bond/Masquerade Night!!!
Bryce and Erica.
Janna and Gretchen.
Craig and Kelly
Nicole and Mark
After our photo shoot was over we sat down for dinner and enjoyed the evening with friends.
I don't remember what we were all looking at, but apparently is was very fascinating.

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