Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fethiye, Turkey (Day 4)

Once we arrived to Feithye we decided to visit a local Hamam and do what the Turkish do-publicly bathe. We were all a little hesitant about it (especially me), but we put our big girl panties on and "truly" experienced a Turkish delight. We asked Angel to call ahead of time and find the best Hamam in Fethiye. She took us to a place called the "Old Turkish Bath" for an experience we will never forget. 
We entered the steam room for what seemed to be forever while we waited for our bath. There were only two men exfoliating and bathing and one of the gentleman was singing beautifully which really made the experience feel authentic. We finished off our bath with a rose oil full body massage and face mask. After our Hamam was over we felt very relaxed and were glad we decided to go through with it-all for 75 Turkish lira, about $37. We met up with the boys and walked around town to do some shopping.
Turkish Spice Galore!

We sat down for dinner and headed to a local hookah bar called Kum Satti. They had all sorts of fun hookah flavors. One was called "Chocolate Milk", it was chocolate flavored tobacco with milk in the hookah instead of water. It was delicious and really smooth. We had such a great night out in Fethiye drinking cocktails, smoking chocolate milk and absorbing the culture. 

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