Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gocek, Turkey (Day 7)

Today is our last full day on the Berrak Su, so we had to do it up right...Clean out the liquor cabinet and have the time of our lives. After breakfast we had Angel mix us some cocktails as we sailed to Seven Islands. 
Once we arrived at Seven Islands we jumped in. 
We had to get rid of all the beer, so we broke out the beer bong.. 
Smoked our Hookah 
And showed off our muscles, hahah 
We ate lunch and sailed towards Gocek for our last night on board.
And did a little photo shoot with our amazing Captain and Angel.
The fearless ten.
The boys with Angel.
 Gocek is a beautiful and cozy yachtsmen village. Once we arrived we went exploring. 

We found Wifi at the "Kabob Hospital", the boy's clearly didn't care.
Adorable restaurant and delicious Kabobs.  
We ate some kabobs, did some shopping and headed back to the yacht to get cleaned up. Our theme tonight...White Night!
The whole crew that made our trip extra special.   
Once everyone was ready we headed back out and had an amazing dinner on land.  

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JulzKell said...

You have such amazing adventures Dana! Love the pics! Thanks for sharing!!! :)