Friday, June 7, 2013

Gudurmsu Bay and Gemiler Island (Day 3)

The morning starts out at sea when the captain turns on the massive engine of the Berrak Su and starts sailing to our next destination. Today he was headed to the beautiful Gudurmsu Bay. We woke up, sipped on some Turkish Black Tea, and enjoyed the Mediterranean breeze before breakfast.  
It seemed like a perfect day to start off with some Champagne and fresh squeezed Orange Juice.  
After a once again delectable Turkish breakfast we decided to explore the island and do some swimming.  
After a wonderful morning/afternoon in Gudurmsu Bay and a great lunch on board, we headed to Gemiler Island.  
Once we arrived in Gemiler Island we did some snorkeling and took the dingy our for some water fun. The isolation of Gemiler Island makes it exotic and attractive. 
As the sun started to set we decided to get cleaned up for dinner and have a theme party...Nautical/Pirate Night! 
The girls... 
Poor Craig didn't bring a shirt, so he had to borrow Gretchen's, haha. He was a good sport though.
 The newly weds..
The beautiful Hopkin sisters..
The Pearson's  
The Rowe's 
Us! The Oliver's.. 
Craig aka Cheryl 
The whole crew. 
After our photo shoot we sat down for a wonderful dinner prepared by our chef and captain.  
We smoked our Hookah, drank lots of vine and spent the night in Gemiler Island

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