Monday, June 10, 2013

Manastir Bay (Day 5)

After a wonderful breakfast, the captain started cruising to Tersane Bay for a nice relaxing day on board the yacht.  
 The Rowe's brought the beer bongs they purchased last time they were in New Orleans, so with a nice relaxing day at sea, we figured why not put them to good use.
 The girls hung out on the top deck, sunbathed and drank fruity cocktails courtesy of our favorite girl, Angel.  
After lunch we headed to Manastir Bay, named after the ruins there, which are now partially underwater and nicknamed "Cleopatra's Bathe". The boys headed out for a little booze cruise with the captain.... 
and I took a wonderful nap...with wine in hand.. 
When the boys came back, we drank some wine, watched the beautiful water and relaxed some more..
We had a lovely dinner, and a very nice night full of pajamas, charades, hookahs, wine and tons of laughter. We spent the night in Manastir Bay.  

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