Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oludeniz (Day 4)

The first thing we did on day 4 is go hiking to view St. Nicholas Island. On the island are the remains of four churches, related religious buildings, Byzantine dwellings, harbour, cistern, stone tombs, graveyard and ceremonial passageway. The views from the top of the Island across the Mediterranean and back inland are also quite stunning and well worth the walk.
There are goats everywhere.
Once our hike was over we ate breakfast and took off towards Oludeniz "The Jewel" of the Turquoise Sea. This beautiful lagoon lies beneath the pine forested Baba Mountain and boasts a long curving Sandpit Beach. It is absolutely beautiful! We had plenty of alcohol on the Yacht, but I was craving a blended Pina Colada, so the first thing we did was hit the little bar placed there in Oludeniz.
For cheap little Target rafts, we sure did get a lot of use out of them.
As we finished up Kayaking, floating and drinking cocktails at the "The Jewel" of the turquoise sea, we had lunch....
And sailed to Fethiye for a night out on the town.

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