Monday, July 1, 2013

Mountain Biking and Burgers.

Jonathan and I love to Mountain Bike. We purchased our mountain bikes 3 years ago and have really put them to good use. One of the lakes we like to ride is  Burke Lake,  its about 24 miles from DC and the Lake Loop Trail follows the shoreline 4.7 miles around. We usually do a couple laps around the lake while enjoying the sense of solitude. The day prior we tried to go for a ride, but 10 seconds in, I threw myself over the handle bars onto the concrete. Needless to say...the breaks work!!! Thank goodness for doting husbands!! The next day we decided to give it another shot.. 
The lake has a miniature train that the kids love to ride. During Christmas time, it is absolutely adorable to watch the kids riding the train, hot chocolate in hand, surrounded by a crisp, snowy landscape.  
Once the ride was over, our neighbors invited us over for a good old fashion BBQ. It was a beautiful summer night to follow a great ride!Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!! 

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