Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tiki Patio Luau Birthday Party.

My mom and beautiful niece came to visit for a week to help celebrate my birthday this year. I decided to throw a Luau since Jonathan and Kayelynn have never visited Hawaii. Growing up in California I was lucky enough to go on family vacations to Hawaii, so I wanted the people I love most to experience a little taste of the islands. We turned the house into a Tiki lounge full of orchids, tropical fruits, tiki men, banana leaves and Hawaiian music. It was a very hot day, so we had delicious beverages waiting for our guests. I infused some Pineapple-Mint Water, brewed some Mint Iced-Tea and mixed a pitcher of Mai Tai 's. 
Once everyone arrived, my master chef fired up the grill and prepared some delicious Hawaiian appetizers! 
For appetizers we served:
Chicken Satay w/ Peanut Sauce,
Mango-Shrimp Salad,
Tropical Fruit Salad,
Tiki Nut Mix,
Hawaiian Shrimp Kabobs 
It wasn't long after cocktail hour that the entertainment arrived!! This is Lydia "Lili'u" Ortiz, she is from Hawaii and has been hula dancing since the age of two. She has trained under some of the most renowned "Kumu Hula", or hula masters, of our time.  
Luna even got all dressed up for the occasion.
Hula is the language of the heart,
and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people"
-King Kalakaua
She taught us how to do the Hukilau.....
"Oh we're going to a Hukilau
A huki huki huki huki Hukilau
Everybody loves the Hukilau
Where the laulau is the kaukau at the lû`au 
We throw our nets out into the sea
And all the `ama`ama come a-swimming to me
Oh, we're going to a Hukilau
A huki huki huki Hukilau 
What a beautiful day for fishing
That old Hawaiian way
Where the Hukilau nets are swishing
Down in old Lâ`ie bay"
As well as entertaining us with her mesmerizing beauty and talent!
I was such a happy birthday girl. I was surrounded by all my DC friends and family and my two favorite girls on the entire planet....My mom and sweet baby girl!
She performed phenomenal fire poi that had the crowd going nuts!! 
Kayelynn loved every minute of it!!
Once Lydia left, we sent some fire sky lanterns into the sky for good luck. 
And lite off fireworks.  
Once the entertainment was over, we sat down for dinner and served: Polynesian Pulled Pork Sliders w/ Pineapple relish,
Coconut-Mango Rice
Tropical Hawaiian Salad.
The food, drinks and entertainment were a hit! We ended the night with Coconut cake and a taste of the islands!!
Aloha Friends!!


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