Monday, October 14, 2013

California Dreamin'

Jonathan and I finally arrived in San Diego, CA!!! We rented a beautiful Red Convertible for the week and headed to the beach for some waves, food and fun!! It's been almost 3 years since we were back in SD, so we wasted no time rushing to the Pacific and starting our vacation off right. 
Below is Narragansett Avenue in Ocean Beach...This was our first apartment together as a couple and we lived here for 4 years. It's extra special to us because this is where we fell in love and started our lives together. This is where our foundation as one began and where Jonathan asked me to be his wife. We have so many memories in our little beach bungalow and had to drive by and say hi!
Then we headed to Newport Ave.(the main drag in Ocean Beach), parked the stang and jumped out of the car like two giddy kids.
We stopped off at one of our old stomping grounds in Ocean Beach, The Sunshine Company, for a cocktail and took in the Southern California air. As soon as you arrive in OB, you breath in the wonderful smell of greasy Mexican food, the Great Pacific Ocean and patchouli oil from the locals. The second my feet touched the ground I knew I was HOME!!!! 
After our cocktail we headed to the beach and walked around.  
There is a great little restaurant at the end of the OB Pier, so we walked down to get a bite to eat and watch the surfers. 
The Ocean Beach Pier Café has the absolute best Fish Tacos and Lobster Tacos, so we ordered a couple and got settled in.
The taco on the right is the Lobster Taco and the one on the left is the Grilled Mahi Mahi taco!!! Sooo good!!!
You have to be very careful while eating your tacos because this little guy below will take the food right out of your hands...Yes, it has happened to me several times, haha.. 
We put our feet in the water and experienced pure bliss and serenity back in San Diego!

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