Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Mojave Desert & The Mayors Office.

Off to the Mojave Desert!!!!
I grew up a couple hours North-East of San Diego in the Mojave Desert. My father is the Mayor of the town I grew up in, so Jonathan and I took a little road trip through the beautiful Mojave Desert and into the Mayors office.
Once we arrived my Dad took us on a tour through city hall and introduced us to all the people who make the city run smoothly on a daily basis.
Below is a picture of city hall. 
It's always so inspiring to see someone doing what they truly love and serving their community. We stayed a couple of nights with my family and had such a wonderful time. There is something so beautiful about the desert and we always love going back there to see family, friends and view the breathtaking sunsets at dawn.  
Take me back to the beach honey!!!!!!!

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