Wednesday, March 26, 2014

St. Patricks Day, Virginia Beach

When you're used to living at the beach, you get landlocked pretty easily and need to take a trip to the ocean to see some waves every so often. Jonathan and I decided to head over to VA Beach for the weekend of St. Patrick's Day. We woke up to the most beautiful sunrise first thing in the morning and went for a walk on the beach to put our toes in the sand. Here are a couple photos from our trip to the beach..
Babies first trip to the beach, 4 months pregnant here. Life is better with toes in the sand.
I enjoyed a wonderful fruit parfait while reading my book by the fire.
We headed back to the DC area to meet up with Jason and celebrate St. Patricks Day at a good old fashion Irish Pub. The guys celebrated with Irish car bombs and I had a green lemonade. :)

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