Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Easter in Pismo Beach

Easter with my beautiful family was an absolute blast this year!! There was a Pismo Beach Easter Egg Hunt that we took the kids to and they loved it! When we arrived, it was time for the five year old kids to do their Easter egg dash, so Colton got up in there and showed us how its done. This is him getting ready...get on your mark, get set, GO..........
My beautiful family, minus Uncle Jonathan, Grandma Pam and Glenn.

Colton got to hang out with some of the Pismo Beach Firefighters that were at the Park and he later said that was "his favorite part of the whole day". Firefighting is in Clark blood and he was very inspired by the local hero's!!
It was the girls turn! The 8-10 year olds were up and the girls put their game faces on.

Kayelynn counting her winnings!
We had such a blast this Easter. After the park, we all went back to the camp ground for some more family fun in the sun!!! LOVE my family!!Hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones this year!

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