Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tide Pools and Water Days.

One thing I absolutely love to do every time we're in San Diego is go to the tide pools. Its fun, it's free, it's amazing! We decided to take the kids there and show them some sea life before heading to the beach. While we were there, we saw crabs, anemones and some fish. We tried searching for starfish, but no such luck.
Uncle Jonathan showing the kids all the crabs. If you pick up a crab, or any sea life, please put it back in the same tide pool you found it in. Always be respectful of sea life.
After our tide pool adventure, we headed to Wind & Sea beach for some Vitamin D. 
And of course ended up back at the pool before dinner in Old Town.
After a full day of sunshine and playing in the water, we headed to dinner in Old Town. Old town is the oldest settled area in San Diego and is considered the birthplace of California. There is a ton of history here as well as delicious Mexican restaurants and culture.
We had dinner at one of our favorites, Café Coyote and enjoyed the Mariachi singers, homemade tortillas and churros.


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