Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Road to Motherhood (Part 2): Week 24, 25, 26, 27 Baby Bump Update..

24 Week Baby Bump 
25 Week Baby Bump
26 Week Baby Bump
27 Week Baby Bump 
How far along: I am currently 27 weeks pregnant!

Feeling: I'm feeling great and LOVING my baby bump!!I love seeing my bump, feeling my bump, singing and talking to my bump and watching it grow! I'm to the point where everyone sees it and gets a big smile on their face. I love that my baby bump makes other people so happy because it sure does make us happy. I definitely noticed myself a little emotional last week and found myself crying at least two times over pretty silly things. I overall feel amazing and can't believe our little guy will be here in 10 weeks.   

Symptoms: I still feel pretty good, but I'm starting to get more tired than I was a couple weeks ago. Naps on the weekends are a must again! I have noticed my feet start to swell a bit if I consume too much sodium, so trying to keep an eye on that. My back is pretty sore by the end of the day too, so hubby has been performing a lot of massages. 

Weight Gain: I have gained a healthy 18 lbs. so far.

Wedding Ring: On

Belly Button: In

Stretch Marks: None so far

Sleep: Most nights I sleep well and then some nights I toss and turn. This week I have been sleeping like a baby!

Movement: Oh my goodness this kid just won't stop. He is constantly kicking, moving, stretching and reassuring mommy that he is A-Okay! The movements have gotten pretty intense and they're pretty funny to watch from the outside of my belly! Daddy loves it and patiently waits for them every morning and night. 

Cravings: Still sweets!! We juice every morning, but they're tending to get sweeter and sweeter, much more fruit being used then in the past. I love Popsicles, root-beer floats and cereal lately too! 

Missing: Not really anything. I just love being pregnant so much, that nothing else matters. 

Exercise: None unfortunately. I have been cut off by my doctor. I have been diagnosed with Placenta Previa and I'm on pelvic rest. The majority of the people who have Placenta Previa are on bed rest, so trying to keep it easy and avoid that for as long as possible. I'm not even allowed to carry laundry up and down the stairs. I have been walking regularly, but that's about it. 

Excited for: The nursery to be ready! We just installed a ceiling fan last weekend and still need to paint and clean the carpets. After those items are completed, we can furnish the room and decorate it!! 

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