Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Road to Motherhood (Part 3): Week 28, 29, 30, 31 Baby Bump Update..

28 Week Baby Bump 
29 Week Baby Bump 
 30 Week Baby Bump 
 31 Week Baby Bump 
How far along: I am currently 31 weeks pregnant!

Feeling: Great! I'm starting to get pretty lazy and tired, but still feel amazing. Getting sooooo anxious to meet this beautiful little boy! Everyday daddy, Luna and I go hang out in his room for a couple minutes. We are so excited for him to get here. The nursery is pretty much done...the large stuff anyway. The only thing left to do is decorate it with artwork, etc.

Symptoms: Fatigue is presenting itself more and more lately. My back tends to get pretty sore, so getting weekly massages helps with that! I still get heartburn constantly, so I keep Tums in my purse at all times...they are my lifeline! 

Weight Gain: 20LBS

Wedding Ring: On

Belly Button: In

Stretch Marks: None so far

Sleep: Pretty good. I surprising haven't been having any crazy dreams (that I can remember anyway). 

Movement: All the time! My belly is like a roller-coaster, it is so insane to watch the intense movements. Daddy and I just watch my belly and laugh all the time. It the absolute coolest thing to watch and experience life.

Cravings: Still all things sweet and cold. Yogurt, Popsicle's, salads, fruit, fruit and more fruit. I could easily take down a whole watermelon or pineapple in one day. Every Sunday we go to a local ice cream parlor and split a naughty dessert, last week it was a brownie sundae!! I love our new summer tradition!!!

Missing: Nothing really, I just love being pregnant so much!! Maybe ice-tea if anything, in the summer I drink more than I should, so limiting it to only one glass can be a tease. 

Exercise: None still :( I'm still on pelvic rest and on lock down. I walk when I can. 

Excited for: Our maternity shoot in a couple day and my baby shower next weekend!!!! 

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