Monday, August 4, 2014

My Road to Motherhood (Part 4): Week 32, 33, 34, 35 Baby Bump Update

32 Week Baby Bump
33 Week Baby Bump
34 Week Baby Bump
35 Week Baby Bump
How far along: I am currently 35 weeks pregnant!
Feeling: Really good! I have a few rare moments of feeling pretty uncomfortable, but overall I feel pretty darn good! I get tired pretty easy, but still feeling energetic, healthy and happy! As the due date approached I’m actually getting a little nostalgic about losing my baby bump. When you suffer through five years of infertility and hard core treatments, you really appreciate every milestone along the way and never take anything for granted. Seeing myself pregnant still amazes me and takes my breath away every single day. I have been given everything I have ever wanted and I will forever be grateful.
Symptoms:  Backaches, sensitive gums, fatigue and shortness of breath are the main symptoms I have.
Weight Gain: 22 LBS
Wedding Ring: On
Belly Button: In
Stretch Marks: None so far
Sleep: Great actually, there are some restless nights that I toss and turn, but pretty good on average.
Movement:  SOOO Active!!! I am going to miss little hands and feet kicking me at all hours of the day. It has been such a spiritual and beautiful experience.
Cravings: Chocolate lately! Still all things sweet, but my sweet tooth is getting more savory. I’m still obsessed with ice-cream, but now it’s all things chocolate!
Missing: Lying on my back, I used to be a huge back sleeper and now I can’t, so looking forward to doing that again.
Exercise:  Still none unfortunately, still on pelvic rest due to Placenta Previa and on lock down. 
Excited for: Him to get here!!! All the fun activities have passed. The nursery is complete, baby shower is we’re just patiently waiting for our little miracle baby to arrive!!! 

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