Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Austin is TWO months old!!

Our little boy is two months old today!! I can't believe he is already two months old, but at the same time I feel like he has been with us forever. Sometimes I pinch myself and can't believe this is real life. The pride, love and joy I have for this little boy is immeasurable. He is such a little angel baby and never cries unless he is hungry or just needs a change of scenery. He is such a happy little boy who is always smiling, cooing and gooing. He has gotten so alert in his two months of life and always keeps a close eye on momma....momma does the same! When he looks at me with his bright eyes, I can tell he knows I'm his momma and it makes my heart melt. He smiles all the time and is close to laughing out loud, especially in the morning and after bath time. He has such a little personality already and is such a chill and laid back little soul. Life is so amazing with this little guy and I still cant believe he is all ours.

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