Sunday, January 11, 2015

Austin is 4 months old!!!

My little boy is 4 months old today! Everyday I am so amazing by how quickly you are growing up and thriving. Each week brings another milestone and each day brings something new and fascinating looking at life through your eyes. This month you became a little baby full of personality, smiles and full on belly laughs. Your adorable smile and laugh get bigger and more adorable every single day! You graduated to the big boy bath this month; started sitting in your very own high chair, so that you could join mommy and daddy for family dinner; mastered tummy time and graduated to the big boy jumper! You have discovered your tongue and love to make motorboat noises that make the whole room laugh. You are drooling a ton and I think you are going to get your first tooth soon. You still look like daddy's mini me, but people are starting to say they see you in me too! You go to bed like a champ at 8pm and wake up to feed at 3:30am. You're a really great sleeper and are still the most laid back little gentleman. This month you took your first plane ride to see Grandma in Oregon and didn't fuss or cry one time! Everyone on the flight had nothing but amazing things to say about you! You're such a little traveler and make it so easy for mommy to make all her daily outings to see all our friends! You are such a gentle giant and at your 4 month appointment you reached 18lbs and 28inches. You are in the upper 99% for weight and are essentially off the charts. You're already wearing 9 month old clothes and everyone is always so surprised when they find out you're only 4 months old. You make me so proud and every day is such a blessing with you! You remind me everyday what life is really about and bring nonstop joy to our home. You have such a playful spirit and are the absolute most perfect being I have ever laid eyes on. I love you to the moon and back my sweet baby boy!
Mastering tummy time
Little hipster 

Mommy, buy me these balls..

First time in the big boy seat/ joining mom and dad for family dinners.

New big boy toy
First Christmas with my cousins 

Austin's first Christmas!

All the Clark kids on Christmas day!

 4 month appointment

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