Monday, February 9, 2015

A day at the Royal Hacienda

A day at the Royal Hacienda, Playa Del Carmen is complete bliss. I'm so glad we found this resort because they exceeded all expectations with their amazing customer service, wonderful food, great drinks and prestigious oceanfront. We decided to purchase an "all inclusive" package due to the fact it was Austin's first trip abroad and we wanted it to be easy, convenient and be well taken care of. Jonathan and I don't typically go for this type of "safety" when traveling, but with a little one it was important to us. Before this trip, "all inclusive" meant horrible food and watered down cocktails, but the Royal Hacienda made me have a new found respect for an "all inclusive" package. Every drink we ordered had the perfect amount of alcohol, fresh ingredients and was well garnished. It was a drink I would spend $15 on easy in the DC area. Every meals that we had was phenomenal...literally every meal.... and Jonathan and I are kind of food snobs. Well thought out ingredients, a proper presentation and freshness are essential factors when dining out for us. This resort has all of that!! The majority of our trip included relaxing and spending quality time together. Here are some photos of us doing a whole lot of nothing!!!
Austin is such a little beach baby and loved sticking his toes in the water and sand!
The view from our room was pure serenity. 
Every night we took a family sunset stroll on the beach and Austin kicked and giggled the whole way! REAL men wear babies!!! :)
So in LOVE with my two guys!!
Admiring the "almost" full moon!!
There was a Mariachi band in the restaurant and they played Austin his first taste of folk music from Mexico! He loved it and was very engaged. 

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