Sunday, February 22, 2015

Austin in FIVE Months old!!

Happy Five months to my big, BIG boy!! On your most recent weigh in, you were 18.8 pounds and 29 inches tall! This was such a wonderful month with you. You become cuter and sweeter with each and every day that passes. You accomplished so many milestones this month and became a master at your motor movements. This month you went on your very first international flight and received your first passport stamp! We all went to Playa Del Carmen and had the best week together as a family! We watched you laugh while you splashed in the ocean and watched everyone admire your adorable smile and laid back demeanor. You rolled over for the first time while we were in Mexico and have been mastering it ever since. You also had your first taste of solids this month. We started you out on organic oatmeal cereal, avocado and sweet potatoes. You're still warming up to the idea, but seem to really enjoy sweet potatoes. I feel like you're growing up so fast and it kind of breaks my heart! I want you to stay my little baby forever! I don't want to ever forget your sweet baby scent,your adorable little baby fat rolls, your energetic nonstop happy kicks, your nonstop giggles and the way you look at me with your big beautiful blue eyes full of admiration and love. You have become quite the communicator this month and are always motor boating, growling, squeaking, giggling and cooing. You have also become ticklish and crack up when mommy tickles you while we get ready for bed. Whenever we're out in public you are so calm and then turn into a silly little man at home, full of excitement. You always keep your eye on mommy when other people hold you and I am definitely always watching you. I really can't remember my life without you, it feels like you have always been here with me and daddy and life before you seems so empty. As I sit here and write this journal entry, you are motor boating, slapping your hands on the desk and giggling at daddy in the office. Your bed time is now 7PM and you sleep through the night until 7AM which mommy loves! Days and nights with you are so memorable, fun and exciting and you have made me a better person. I love you so much my sweet angel! 
I love oatmeal cereal....first solids
Mommy cuddles after a fun day at the Botanical Gardens 
Mornings in Mexico

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