Saturday, February 7, 2015

Escaping old man winter in el Mar Caribe!!

Winter is rough on everyone, but especially my little family. We prefer flip flops, waves and sunshine, so we headed to Playa Del Carmen to escape old man winter for a week. Luckily, our little man is a wonderful flier and loves to travel, so it makes it easy on us to do what we!!! This was Austin's first trip abroad, so we decided on Mexico because it is close and familiar. 
We arrived to a beautiful 77 degree day with not a cloud in the sky and checked into our room. Of course the first thing we did was throw our closed-toe shoes off and replaced them with airy flip flops!! They placed us in a beautiful ocean view room, but lets face it, we need ocean FRONT, so we did an upgrade to be closer to the waves.
yayay sunshine mommy!!

We headed down to the pool, ordered our first fruity cocktail...a PiƱa colada, some delicious fish tacos, fresh ceviche and jumped in the water!

After lunch we put our toes in the sand and relaxed on the beautiful beach until sunset. 
Vacation at last!

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