Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy half birthday sweet love!

Happy 6 months Austin Clark Oliver!! I can't believe my sweet little baby is already half a year old! I write this journal entry with tears in my eyes because I love you soooo much it hurts sometimes and you make me the happiest girl in the whole wide world. You are everything I have dreamed of and so much more. 

People say you don't know real love until you're a parent...I never understood this until you were here and the truth of it blows me away. I'm doing my best to let go of the worry that my sweet little baby will grow quicker than my heart can bear and be soo so grateful that with every box of outgrown clothes I pack away, you are a healthy growing and thriving human being with endless possibilities. This month you have transitioned into a little boy in so many ways. You are eating solid foods consistently for breakfast and dinner and absolutely love prunes, pears, sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots. Its such a joy to feed you and watch your adorable little face while your little taste buds explore new flavor. We sing to you during every meal and teach you the name of your food, the sign for your food and the Spanish word for your food and you eat it up.....literally! We took you on a trip to Arizona this month to meet a lot of your family and you had so much fun in the sun...AND SNOW. You did amazing on the flight (as always) and everyone was gushing over your sweet baby smile and giggle. You started sitting up like a big boy and you look so darn cute doing it. You cut two teeth this month (your top canines) everything ends up in your mouth. You built your first snowman with your daddy and celebrated your first Valentine's Day. You made sweet little personalized valentines for all your friends and they loved it so much! You make everyone around you so happy and a better person and I thank the stars for you every minute of every day!!! I love you my sweet 6 month old!

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