Sunday, April 19, 2015

Austin is 7 Months Old!!

Happy BIG 7 months to the LOVE of my LIFE! I can't believe seven whole months have gone by, yet we can't imagine life without you in it.  You are turning into such a little boy with little boy features and a little boy personality. You are still the absolute sweetest little thing on the planet and are the most serene baby I know. Everywhere we go and everyone who meets you is taken back my how well-behaved and happy you are. 

This month you fell in LOVE with LunaBella and belly laugh every time you see her. You could just sit and watch her for hours and she always brings a big fat smile to your face! She allows you to pet her for a couple seconds, but usually escapes once you start pulling on her hair, haha. 

You have become very observant of daddy on FaceTime. He calls you before bed every night he is away on business and your adorable blue eyes LIGHT up!!! You get so excited to see daddy's face through the phone and just laugh, laugh, laugh! You both talk about your day to each other and stare into each other eyes. 

You started sleeping on your tummy every once in a while and always turn to your side to go to bed. You are currently going to bed at 7pm and sleep until 7am. You wake up at 5am to have a snack and go right back to bed after mommy nurses you. I'm so grateful that you can put yourself to sleep and  have no problem playing alone in your crib once you wake up. Daddy and I often watch you through the monitor just laughing to yourself in your crib, it's so sweet! 

You started giving kisses this month!! I love this so much and you are always giving mommy BIG open month slobbery baby kisses and mommy can't get enough!! 

You celebrated your first St. Patricks Day and Easter this month. We went to Grammy and Poppi's farm for the holiday and you had a blast. You are such a dream baby and we are so lucky to have you. You make it so easy and fun and being around you is such a blessing. 
St Patrick's Day with my lucky charm!
Trader Joe's regular!
Swimming with friends

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