Monday, May 18, 2015

Austin is 8 months!!

Happy BIG 8 months my sweet love!!! I feel like you are starting to look more and more like a little boy and less like a baby everyday. You get smarter, stronger and more handsome every morning I'm blessed to wake up with you! You got to spend a whole week with your Grandma this month and seeing the love she has for you is powerful and beautiful!

You have turned into such a smiley flirt this month and make all the girls smitten. Whenever we're at a restaurant, all the surrounding tables have all eyes on you and you just laugh and smile back at them. You graduated to a sippy cup and finger foods and we started you out with green puffs and carrot rice cakes. You gag every once in a while, but are doing a pretty good job feeding yourself. 

My heart skipped a beat this month when you said "Ma'Ma" for the first time. I have waited my whole life to hear those words and it sounds like angels singing every time you say them. Speaking of singing, you started dancing this month! I think you may have been dancing last month, but now its obvious that you are shaking your thing! You wave your little arms around and shake your head and we laugh, laugh, laugh! You, Daddy and I have little jam sessions together and we all dance like crazy people in love!

Daddy got some of his own "Austin & daddy" toys this month and takes you everywhere he goes! He takes you on jogs every morning and you just smile, enjoy the breeze and play with your favorite toy....straps! He also got his very own Austin carrier and you both go out and mow the lawn together and do other chores. He takes such pride in carrying you on his back and loves his special bonding time with you. When he is home, the two of you go upstairs and wrestle before bed and the laughter I hear from downstairs makes my heart full of happiness. 

You and getting so close to crawling, but haven't mastered it just yet. You get up on all fours and then do a belly flop. If you want something out of reach, you roll over to it and have definitely mastered rolling from room to room. 

This month you had three teeth come in! You officially have your two bottom teeth and your left canine.  There have been a few days and nights when your poor little gums bother you and it breaks my heart to see you in pain...luckily the pain passes and you're back to your jolly self in no time!
Daddy showing you all the new life in the yard now that its Spring. 
First Sippy Cup!
First time on the swings!
Mommy and Austin date...first Kale juice!
Every morning with you is beautiful!
First ice-cream!
That was one big cone - perfect for sharing!
Starting to stand up like a big boy!
First Watermelon 

Mothers day!

When my mom called a few weeks ago and said she wanted to come celebrate my first Mother's Day with me, I was ecstatic! I can't imagine a better first Mother's Day than spending it with my baby, my mom and Jonathan!!! We had such a great time exploring the city, playing with Austin and enjoying each other’s company. Jonathan spoiled us both all weekend and I'm so grateful for him! I hope all you special mother's had a wonderful day!! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Eve!

Mother's Day is like any other holiday in the city...busy & crowded. My mom and I wanted to go to a winery for our special day, so we decided to avoid "some" of the craziness and go the day before Mother's Day! Needless to say, it was still packed full of people, but we're always off in our own little world when we're together, so we had a blast!! We drove up to Northern Virginia's wine country with a picnic and the family and did some wine tasting.

Daddy and Austin rolled around on the ground while mom and I laughed and enjoyed each other!
Grandma's little sunshine!
Sweet little winery boy surrounded by grapes!

National Portrait Gallery

My momma is in town for Mother's Day and I'm so happy to see her!! We stopped off at the National Portrait Gallery for a day of Art, lunch and quality time!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Holland in Haymarket

Spring in Virginia is absolutely amazing. We headed to Burnside farms to see one of the most spectacular pick-your-own events in North America and one of the largest pick-your-own flower events in the world!  The farm has more than five acres of spring flowers that you can pick and the babies loved it. This place is phenomenal and definitely worth the drive if you want to see some beautiful flowers!