Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Austin is NINE months Young!!

My BIG boy is NINE Months young!!! I really don't know where the time has gone!! I blink and you are another month older, another month wiser, another month smarter and another month cuter. Every month just gets better and better with you. Every month I can't imagine me loving you any more, or us being any closer and every month I love you more and we grow even closer!! 

We officially have a crawler!!!! You stared crawling a few days after you turned 8 months and have been on the go ever since!! You are a little army crawler and you move pretty fast. Daddy and I baby proofed the house for our little man on the move and I built you your very own playroom. You love your playroom and crawl all over it while I'm getting our meals ready everyday. You started pulling yourself up from a laying down position and sit yourself up for addition play every time mommy puts you down for a nap. You had the proudest look on your face when you stated crawling and pulling yourself into sitting position and I can't explain how important it is to me to be able to witness every single one of your milestones. 

You have five teeth now and are starting to get good use of them as you're feeding yourself now. I still feed you thick purees, but you're starting to enjoy feeding yourself. Some of you favorites are peaches, watermelons, pickles and veggie sticks. You are a complete mess when you're done eating, but we just love watching you  try new foods. I'm so glad you're this age during the summer, so you can enjoy all the wonderful summer treats!

Speaking of food, you started problem solving this month. You couldn't reach a celery stick you had dropped, so you picked it up with your feet and handed to yourself. Everyone that witnessed it was blown away! You are so smart and make me so proud! You also started turning the pages of the books we read you and paying attention to the pictures. 

You are my most sacred treasure my dear boy and spending my days with your, watching you thrive is my everything!! 
Lunch with Grandma
New Play Room!!!

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