Thursday, June 11, 2015

Strawberry & Cherry Picking!!

There is nothing that says "summer," like picking your own fruits and vegetables! I still have such vivid memories of apple picking with my family as a kid! We would pick barrels and barrels of apples for apple pies and other goodies!! It's such an important part of childhood, so I decided to start Austin early! We drove up to Hollin Farms, a pick-your-own farm to pick out some summer fruits.  They have ripe strawberries, cherries, lettuce, Swiss chard and bok choy currently.  There is just something special about picking fruits right off of the vine. My original plan was to pick a little bit of everything, but it was a HOT, HOT day, so we worked fast! My girlfriend Halley, and her little girl Peyton, packed a picnic and came to join us for the day. We started out in the strawberry fields and picked a couple cartons before heading over to the cherry trees. Austin LOVES strawberries and had them in his mouth before I could stop him, which made a complete mess, but life is about getting a little dirty sometimes!!! After we filled our cartons with strawberries, we walked up a massive hill to the cherry trees. I have never picked cherries before, so that was a real treat and they are delicious!!! As soon as we got home, I fed Austin some strawberries and he was screaming for more!! That boy definitely loves his summer fruits!!! I can't wait to go pick peaches next. 

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