Sunday, February 14, 2016

Little Cupids

For Valentines this year, we had Ashley Barney of Sincerely Ryleigh Couture design adorable cupid inspired outfits for Austin and his little girlfriend. The outfits turned out beautifully and the kids looked so darn cute dressed up. Here are some adorable pictures! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas

Over the weekend we were visited by Jonas. Winter storm Jonas that is! VA was in a state of emergency and completely closed down due to the severity of the storm. Jonathan and I loaded up on food, drinks, activities and candles just in case the electricity went out and bunkered down for the weekend. Although it can be scary if god for bid something aweful were to happen, being snowed in with your family over the weekend is such a special time. No one in and no one out! Just a whole weekend full of snuggles, movies, making cookies, delicious food and keeping cozy. The storm was intense! It was the most snow Jonathan and I had ever seen before (and he is from OHIO!!). As soon as the storm was over, all the neighbors were outside pitching in to help dig each other out. One of our neighbors built a snow slide and all the kids played while the adults got their workouts on and shoveled away!Luckily, Austin received a sled for Christmas, so we pulled him around and played in the snow. I hope you all stayed safe!!  
My car was under this madness...
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